Oz Erickon talks about New San Francisco Housing Policy

The administrators of San Francisco will decrease the moderate units required in new lodging ventures under a bargain achieved Wednesday. It was probably the most raised concern by Oz Erickson and a couple of other real estate giants of SF. The far reaching development influences all future endorsed advertise rate extends more than 10 units. Supervisors achieved the arrangement, the summit of a year-long civil argument over how much new tasks can pay to give lodging to low-salary inhabitants. The 11-part Board of Supervisors must affirm the enactment, with the main vote expected one week from now.

Peskin and Kim had pushed for a 24 percent prerequisite, contending that engineers are benefitting off of high lodging costs and can sponsor more beneath advertise rate homes. Breed, Safai and Tang, who are viewed as more direct, required a 18 percent prerequisite. Various market-rate designers have said the current 25 percent would make improvement monetarily infeasible in a significant pa…

A Gist Of Oz Erickson's Hyde Park Pursuit!

I'm a big fan of mystery and thriller, and recently I stumbled across a thriller published by Oz Erickson. Not a big fan of new reader, but I think everyone deserve a chance, and to prove me right for my choice of picking up the novel, Oz proved me right. Here is what I found about the book
Oz Erickson, an eminent name among the top real estate developer in San Francisco, has tried his hands on writing, and has successfully launched his novel, Hyde Park Pursuit. Filled with thriller and suspense, Hyde Park Pursuit is his first work comprising of a lot of entertainment. The novel starts with the Thames-journey of a drug lord, who has always been trapped in a home full of security(because of his highly controversial image) to keep an eye on him but this time got a couple of days away from that security cocoon. On every Sunday morning, he would slip out of the security to come to his favorite, secret spot.

He, as referred as tall man by Oz Erickson in the novel, carried out a million d…

Oz Erickson - How good New Affordable Housing Policies are?

While two gatherings battle about whether to keep white collar class families in the city or fabricate more moderate lodging for poor people, another backing bunch CCHO has hopped into the level headed discussion, confounding the two arrangements to achieve a common assention. Committee of Community and Housing association has proposed to change the way reasonable lodging is as of now evaluated. According to the gathering, estimating reasonable lodging ought to be settled on the premise of market rate for neighboring ranges, rather than the middle salary of the San Franciscans. It will keep the lease as it is in upscale regions and low in low-end ranges. Be that as it may, this brings up an issue among different engineers in the city including Oz Erickson—if the development cost in building a lodging unit is same in both the regions, why the rents are unique?

In Oz Erickson's words, "It costs the same to work in Hunters Point as in Pacific Heights and the best way to pay f…

Oz Erickson: An Adventurer With Writing Skills, And Knack For Construction!

San Francisco has been a wonder of infrastructure and real estate since years then be its Golden Gate or Cable Car Museum. Even today, we can see a plenty of new constructions happening around the area which just proves how the legacy is still being carried by many real estate developers. One of the prominent names among such developers is Oz Erickson, the principal behind the success of Emerald Fund. This company has given the city many office-spaces, parks, skyscrapers, and condos at an affordable rates. He has always worked in the flavor of the citizen of the city. Quotes By Oz Erickson Proves How Concerned He Is For San Franciscans!
“San Francisco needs more housing in the future than ever before. As a consequence, the total housing development need is expected to grow up to 25% in the upcoming years, contrary to the current housing requirement which is 12%. Looking at the economy and the rising eviction fears, thousands of applicants are struggling to find affordable housing.”

Oz Erickson Leads The ULI Panel Discussion On Affordable Housing Requirement!

It is a well-known fact that San Francisco is experience affordability crisis currently. What we don't know is what to do about it? Last year, there was a discussion on the topic hosted by the ULI San Francisco, in where public, private and community panelists discussed what got them there and what can they do about it. Various opinions were shared among the representatives Peter Cohe, Co-director of CCHC, Tim Colen, Executive Director OF SHHAC, Oz Erickson, Chairman of Emerald Fund, and a few others.

With a deficiency of lodging alternatives and middle wages consistently ascending, Koval, founder of Socketsite, indicates that to a specific degree we have “become a victim of our own success. The growing economy of SF has given opportunity to many high skilled workers in the city, but not enough housing development to shelter them. As it were, San Francisco—however monetarily prospering—is experiencing serious difficulties sheltering anyone except the wealthy elites. Oz Erickson, …

Oz Erickson's The Cove Might Bring Hope For SF Median-Income Residents!

Breaking down the skyrocketing prices of San Francisco housing, Oz Erickson, the owner of Emerald Fund, has launched The Cove at Marina Bay with residencies starting from as low as $300, 000. The coastal development, The Cove is enhanced by jaw-dropping picturesque of the skyline of San Francisco, acres of open space, and perfect weather. It offers one-, two- and three-bedroom homes. Each bedrooms features decks and patios, covered parking with extra space, a classic wood-burning fireplaces(in select homes) and open floor plans. The interior of Oz Erickson's The Cove is not what you usually expect in a 300 grand home in San Francisco—upgrade kitchens, laundry rooms with polished appliances and sleek fixtures, stunning bathrooms and modern quartz countertops.

Each 1 and 2-BHKs run about 700-1050 square feet. Nearby is the gated-community; about a quarter hour drive from San Francisco. Alongside The Cove, built a famous restaurant ‘Salute-E-Vita Ristorante’ and boating marina. In fa…

Oz Erickson sided with Neighbors on Julius Castle's Revival, and he's Probably Right!

Oz Erickson has put himself in an odd position by opposing the renovation of a Planning Commission's project, Julius Castle. A principal with Emerald Fund popularly known as Cal Ripken of SF, Oz Erickson wrote down a letter last month expressing his views against the revival of historic restaurant on Telegraph Hill.

In his letter, Oz Erickson writes, “I have been in the position of the developer of Julius Castle, Mr. Paul Scott, many times. I empathize with him greatly. I thus hate to take a formal position opposing his project, but since I live at 1400 Montgomery, just up the hill from Julius’ Castle, I would not like to see it reopen as an operating restaurant. The problem is traffic.”

Along with Oz Erikson, many other neighbors also wrote to city planners, describing their views on the reopening of Julius Castle. To those who don't know about this historic San Francisco restaurant—It is probably SF's longest-running eatery functioned from early 1920s until a decade ago. T…