Thursday, 26 October 2017

Oz Erickson-The Founder of Emerald Fund

Mr. Oz is a well-known real estate developer in San Francisco. He has developed affordable houses and fulfill the dreams of thousands of people. Oz Erickson has given a great contribution to the development of San Francisco.

OZ Contribution

In 1975, Oz started his own company and named it Emerald Fund. He has completed 37 projects which include 400,000 sq. ft. of retail; 5,500 units, 420,000 sq. ft. of office; a 200-room luxury hotel; that worth the $3 billion. Today his organization is managing 1,600 apartments in the San Francisco Bay Area. For his hard work and contribution in the real estate industry, Oz Erickson also received most admirable CEO award in Bay AreaAccording to Alan Mark who is the President of Mark Co. said that no one stands in terms of endurance in the manufacturing of units and marketplace as Mr. Erickson does. 

OZ Working Experience

Oz came to California to complete his MBA from Stanford University. After completing his degree, she worked with Deloitte Touche as a consultant. He also worked for entrepreneurs of RREEF. Oz Erickson has given a new direction in the field of real estate development. Many young budding real estate developer look up to him for inspiration. His company Emerald Fund also lent projects to third parties on fee-based arrangements.

Oz Family

Oz Erickson married the love of his life whom he met while studying at the university. Oz is married to Rina Alcalay who is an emeritus prof. of public health sciences at UC Davis. He has one son who is working in the Los Angeles in a product development company. He also has one daughter who is studying in medical school. Both his children raised in Berkeley. He also owns a place in Napa. When Oz is not working, he attends plays at the Berkeley Repertory Theater.
Oz Erickson is the man who thinks about community and its people and that's why he provides affordable housing to many people.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Oz Erickson – A Real Estate Cal Ripken of San Francisco

Oz Erickson is a well-known public figure in real estate industry of San Francisco. No matter how tough the situation is, he can be always counted to be on the field. He is the man who has delivered more successful housing projects and units than any other real estate developer in San Francisco.
Oz Erickson has also served as principal director of San Francisco planning and urban research association for 4 years. He was also one of the main members of SPUR's housing committee. Even he was a member of advisory council of the Fanie Mae Bay Area Partnership Office and served advisory committee for then California State Treasurer Phil Angel-ides.

Founder of Emerald Fund

In 1979, he laid down the foundation of his own real estate organization named “Emerald Fund” and has successfully developed 37 projects which include 420,000 sq.ft. of Office, 5,500 housing units, a 200-room luxury hotel, 400,000 sq. ft of retail with a worth of $3 billion. Oz Erickson identifies new projects and involves with the financing, entitlements, project designs, sales, and marketing.  He is the man who has shaped up the San Francisco city's housing policy and come up with better neighbourhoods environments.

Oz came to California for M.B.A and after that, he never left the city. While doing his graduation, he already knew that he wanted to real estate developer. When he completed his M.B.A, he worked for Deloitte Touche, RREEF and George Marcus. He got his first deal of a four-unit apartment building conversion in the Marina in 1977. He made good money out of that deal that worked as a seed for the foundation of Emerald Fund.

OZ Family

Oz Erickson lives in Berkeley with his wife Rina Alcalay who is an emeritus professor of public health sciences at UC Davis. He has one son who works in product development and one daughter who is applying to medical school. He gave credit for the success of his firm to his partner Alastair Mactaggart. He selected the name Emerald Fund from the Wizard of Oz.

Erickson also had won many awards. In 2013, he won the most admirable CEO awards in the Bay area. He feels proud of his hard work and achievements.  His organization Emerald fund is currently managing 1,600 apartments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oz Erickson has been inspiring many new age real estate developers.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Oz Erickon talks about New San Francisco Housing Policy

The administrators of San Francisco will decrease the moderate units required in new lodging ventures under a bargain achieved Wednesday. It was probably the most raised concern by Oz Erickson and a couple of other real estate giants of SF. The far reaching development influences all future endorsed advertise rate extends more than 10 units.
Supervisors achieved the arrangement, the summit of a year-long civil argument over how much new tasks can pay to give lodging to low-salary inhabitants.
The 11-part Board of Supervisors must affirm the enactment, with the main vote expected one week from now.

Peskin and Kim had pushed for a 24 percent prerequisite, contending that engineers are benefitting off of high lodging costs and can sponsor more beneath advertise rate homes. Breed, Safai and Tang, who are viewed as more direct, required a 18 percent prerequisite. Various market-rate designers have said the current 25 percent would make improvement monetarily infeasible in a significant part of the city. "This will stop housing," Oz Erickson of Emerald Fund said early a year ago, when the 25 percent proposition was first presented.
To date, just two single-building ventures without open endowments have consented to 25 percent reasonable lodging: Lennar Multifamily Communities 1515 South Van Ness and Lendlease Group 30 Van Ness Ave. Most tasks as of now in the pipeline were grandfathered. Bigger improvements have achieved 40 percent or more reasonable lodging through up-zonings and tax reductions.
Under the understanding, the 18 percent rental level will be as a result until January 2018, when it will ascend to 19 percent, and afterwards 20 percent in 2019. The condominium prerequisite would ascend to 21 percent in 2018 and 22 percent in 2019.
Reasonable units are characterized as homes with rents of close to 30 percent of the inhabitants' wage, and it will be relieving to Oz Erickson and other developers. Valuing depends on the district's territory middle wage, which is dictated by the government Department of Housing and Urban Development. San Francisco's middle salary for a four-man family unit is $115,300.
Designers can on the other hand manufacture moderate units off-site however should accomplish a proportion of 30 percent of market-rate units, raising to 31 percent in 2018 and 32 percent in 2019. They can likewise pay an expense for every unit or give arrive.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A Gist Of Oz Erickson's Hyde Park Pursuit!

I'm a big fan of mystery and thriller, and recently I stumbled across a thriller published by Oz Erickson. Not a big fan of new reader, but I think everyone deserve a chance, and to prove me right for my choice of picking up the novel, Oz proved me right. Here is what I found about the book

Oz Erickson, an eminent name among the top real estate developer in San Francisco, has tried his hands on writing, and has successfully launched his novel, Hyde Park Pursuit. Filled with thriller and suspense, Hyde Park Pursuit is his first work comprising of a lot of entertainment. The novel starts with the Thames-journey of a drug lord, who has always been trapped in a home full of security(because of his highly controversial image) to keep an eye on him but this time got a couple of days away from that security cocoon. On every Sunday morning, he would slip out of the security to come to his favorite, secret spot.

He, as referred as tall man by Oz Erickson in the novel, carried out a million dollars drug deal on the Sheerness shore. His drug business wasn't for money but for the sense of relief and adrenaline rush when pushing his limits while getting away with it. Like for the one time he went meeting Prime Minister with 18 kilos of heroin in his car or when he flirted confidently with three women on the Christmas eve(referred to one part of the story).

On another end, a couples has just landed to England, where they had a gifted flat in the Hyde Park, and a brand new XKE Jaguar. The plot takes a mysterious turn when all of the sudden, couple decided to take a walk in the Hyde Park. They ran past picnickers enjoying the cold weather under the shining, warm Sun, and saw a sign hanging on a low fence that said, "Do Not Enter".

But Allison had already cleared the top rail before Job had time to interrupt her. All of the sudden, two men coming from the opposite corners pushed their way into the heavy brush. Both seemed like drug dealers. They started talking and exchange a bag, and right after the bag was handed over, one person shot his companion in the torso. All the experience had been viewed by Allison and Jon. Oz Erickson has perfectly carved out a story between different mysterious plots.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Oz Erickson - How good New Affordable Housing Policies are?

While two gatherings battle about whether to keep white collar class families in the city or fabricate more moderate lodging for poor people, another backing bunch CCHO has hopped into the level headed discussion, confounding the two arrangements to achieve a common assention. Committee of Community and Housing association has proposed to change the way reasonable lodging is as of now evaluated. According to the gathering, estimating reasonable lodging ought to be settled on the premise of market rate for neighboring ranges, rather than the middle salary of the San Franciscans. It will keep the lease as it is in upscale regions and low in low-end ranges. Be that as it may, this brings up an issue among different engineers in the city including Oz Erickson—if the development cost in building a lodging unit is same in both the regions, why the rents are unique?

In Oz Erickson's words, "It costs the same to work in Hunters Point as in Pacific Heights and the best way to pay for those expenses is through rents." He is most likely right. There ought to be an approach to place cash in manufacturers' records as well or by what method will they get financing for building new ventures. Like Oz Erickson, Todd David restricts the thought as well. He stated, "On the off chance that we say that one neighborhood is just for some wage level — whether it's high or low — then we will make homogenous financial enclaves."

At last, on May 15, a City Hall asset affirmed that development designers have been pushed by Kim and Peskin for a 24 percent necessity, contending on the immense benefit earned by high expenses of lodging. Since it will make the advancement fiscally unfeasible, numerous designers are angry with the new proposition. It is most likely the most elevated lease concession at any point required for moderate lodging, which will be infeasible to designers. Without a doubt, it will cut down the soaring rents, however will most likely stop the new developments in San Francisco.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Oz Erickson: An Adventurer With Writing Skills, And Knack For Construction!

San Francisco has been a wonder of infrastructure and real estate since years then be its Golden Gate or Cable Car Museum. Even today, we can see a plenty of new constructions happening around the area which just proves how the legacy is still being carried by many real estate developers. One of the prominent names among such developers is Oz Erickson, the principal behind the success of Emerald Fund. This company has given the city many office-spaces, parks, skyscrapers, and condos at an affordable rates. He has always worked in the flavor of the citizen of the city.

Quotes By Oz Erickson Proves How Concerned He Is For San Franciscans!

“San Francisco needs more housing in the future than ever before. As a consequence, the total housing development need is expected to grow up to 25% in the upcoming years, contrary to the current housing requirement which is 12%. Looking at the economy and the rising eviction fears, thousands of applicants are struggling to find affordable housing.”

“Solomon Cordwell Buenz has become Oakland’s most active designer of towers, thanks to its cost-conscious design approach and relationship with developers. I like SCB’s work so much that I hired them for two nearby projects in the Civic Center area. I credits SCB for both its aesthetics and its cost-conscious approach.”

Oz's Interest In Adventure And Writing

Oz Erickson passion towards hiking and trekking took him to different places of the world. By the age of 30, Oz had travelled many countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and a couple of European countries. While pursuing his degree, Oz Erickson fell in love with a Ph. D scholar, and tied knot with her as soon as the degree got completed. He has two children. Besides his core interest in real estate and adventure, he likes to pen down his fictitious thoughts. Recently, he launched a fiction named, “Hyde Park Pursuit”. The book revolves around the lives of fictitious real-estate characters who happen to witness a murder, and ultimately goes deeper in how they struggle and come out of many problems they face. The book has received quite a good reviews from many readers.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Oz Erickson Leads The ULI Panel Discussion On Affordable Housing Requirement!

It is a well-known fact that San Francisco is experience affordability crisis currently. What we don't know is what to do about it? Last year, there was a discussion on the topic hosted by the ULI San Francisco, in where public, private and community panelists discussed what got them there and what can they do about it. Various opinions were shared among the representatives Peter Cohe, Co-director of CCHC, Tim Colen, Executive Director OF SHHAC, Oz Erickson, Chairman of Emerald Fund, and a few others.

With a deficiency of lodging alternatives and middle wages consistently ascending, Koval, founder of Socketsite, indicates that to a specific degree we have “become a victim of our own success. The growing economy of SF has given opportunity to many high skilled workers in the city, but not enough housing development to shelter them. As it were, San Francisco—however monetarily prospering—is experiencing serious difficulties sheltering anyone except the wealthy elites. Oz Erickson, Chairman of the Emerald Fund, was entrusted with asking the board the intense, appropriate question the city must ponder to address the affordable housing issue.

Oz Erickson tied in his contemplations about the "value you pay" for living in cities like San Francisco to the innovative methods for delivering alternative housing. For instance, an incredible city like Seattle offers small scale-units, which is one of the ways Seattle has accumulated twice the amount of housing than SF. One wonder if that's possible because San Francisco is positioned among US metros, and is bounded by its topographical, geographical and cultural constraints, which makes construction even more difficult. Peter Cohen spoke to the conclusions shared by numerous San Francisco occupants and supporters for workforce lodging – that just developing more affordable housing settle the issue. Rather, Cohen accentuated the requirement for a long-term vision that incorporates each economic level. He believes that the city needs to focus on the bigger gap in the current housing while developing future project--mainly for the low and moderate incomes.

Despite the opinions of Oz Erickson and many other panelist that the housing crisis can only be quickly fixed with more constructions—which was defended by Peter and Tim—there was an agreement finally that only people with low or medium income are facing this difficulty the most. So, changes will be made with innovative ideas to fund the projects of affordable housing legislation. 

Oz Erickson-The Founder of Emerald Fund

Mr. Oz is a well-known real estate developer in San Francisco. He has developed affordable houses and fulfill the dreams of thousands of pe...